Willowbrook Students Looking at Globe



At Willowbrook we believe that it is crucial that our children develop an understanding of UK geography, the geography of the wider world, and how it impacts upon our community and people in the world.

Our curriculum is developed in line with the National Curriculum and is delivered in a way that is interesting, relevant to our children and links to other areas of learning, wherever possible. Our desire is that students build richly connected knowledge, vocabulary and skills that they can carry forward through their education and their lives. Our aim is that we inspire our children to become active and curious in regard to geography. We want our pupils to develop the tools to evaluate information about the world around them and make informed judgements based on this, and help them understand key features of the world and how this shapes the world they live in. We believe it is crucial that children learn about the geographical elements that shape our nation, as well as other nations across the globe.


Geography is taught as a topic driver for three terms out of six (Years R-6). Alongside this lead subject other linked subjects are taught, where appropriate, to provide a thematic approach. The curriculum has been designed to enable skills and knowledge for Geography to be built on sequentially and repeated systematically. In mapping out the curriculum, consideration has been given to prior knowledge and skills required between year groups, units of work and subjects. They will look closely at their own local area, and be able to compare it to different places, evaluating the similarities and differences they see.

Progression of knowledge and skills is mapped out, which forms the core of our units of work and learning objectives. We have developed our own scheme of work based on the excellent work from other Acorn schools.   This is adapted to ensure it meets the needs of our Willowbrook children and each class that we teach.


Children at Willowbrook will leave the school equipped with both the skills and knowledge required to access both physical and human geography at Key Stage 3. They will also be able to better understand the diversity of their planet and be fuelled with a desire to explore more of it.