Willowbrook Student focussing on work

Ethos and Values

Willowbrook Primary School is a warm and welcoming community where children and adults "love, laugh and learn" together.

We know every child as an individual and aim to offer a safe environment that fosters positivity, empathy and resilience. We develop respectful relationships, skills and create a thirst for learning. Children can expect to work with staff who care about them and strive to provide for their development to ensure that they flourish personally and academically with a sense of pride. Our aim for every child is to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to achieve their potential.

Our values are interwoven into our daily routines. The values of Willowbrook form the Willowbrook Rappers (a set of characters designed by the children who all entered a competition).

The values they are represent are: Reslience, Aspiration, Pride, Positivity, Empathy, Respect, Safety.

Willowbrook Rappers