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School Curriculum

At Willowbrook Primary School our curriculum is designed to ensure that children receive a high-quality education based on high expectations and ambition for all. 

Our aim is to provide pupils with a richly connected bank of knowledge and skills which are revisited and built upon for high levels of long-term retention and automaticity.

Our curriculum aims to be sequential with key knowledge, vocabulary and skills mapped out to a granular level.  This ensures that teachers and pupils know exactly what it is they are studying.

Throughout a pupil’s time with us, we create links to other learning and broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world through wide ranging experiences, including trips and visits.  We ensure academic rigour in English, mathematics and science but allow children to express themselves through computing, DT, arts, and music. We also provide access to high-quality sport and P.E. through specialists.

Willowbrook pupils will develop and strong sense of right and wrong and understand the benefits of hard work, commitment, and reflection. We want pupils to take pride in their school and activly promote British Values through activities such as Trowbridge Youth Parliament and Mini Police.  Additionally, we understand the importance of developing the whole child and promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental, and physical development of all pupils.

To encourage the love of reading, our curriculum is based around key texts for each year group in every term. These texts are studied as part of our whole class reading sessions. These books have been carefully aligned with history, geography, science, and art to create a highly connected series of lessons, meaning children can make strong connections between subjects.


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Curriculum Policy 01st Mar 2024 Download